Got to know us

Katey and Tom have become our two favorite people in our new city, of Minneapolis. Our family of four (two very little ones in tow) relocated to the Twin Cities from Atlanta in the middle of winter, which could have been a tall order for our realtors to locate the perfect home for us with fewer homes on the market (for that time of year). Katey got to know us, our needs and personalities, and helped us find our dream home with incredible schools, convenient shopping and family-friendly amenities nearby. She helped guide our decision making in a way that gave utmost respect to the things we wanted in home and our budget. Katey has helped us find resources within the city to further assist in our move like electricians and more. We are so lucky and thankful to have had Katey and Tom working with us. We do now feel as though there are two people in our new city who knows us and we can call on. We will definitely turn to them if we ever sell our home–but we don’t intend to sell anytime soon!